Deb Newell

Why Maintenance Matters with Deb Newell

The fear of the unknown is always scary, and maintenance is no exception. In property management, it’s necessary to succeed in maintenance to have a successful business—property maintenance matters. It’s one of the most critical elements in your daily operations.

A firm believer in focusing on maintenance solutions is Deb Newell, owner of Real-Time Consulting Services. With a web-based solution, like Property Meld, your company can dial in on what matters most: maintenance.

The typical concern of adopting new software is convincing vendors to see the good, too. Property managers understand the benefit of streamlining their process, but some vendors are hesitant to jump on board. There can be that one vendor that is hard in their ways.

“But, attempting to structure your business decisions on a single vendor unwilling to participate in new software? It’s a mistake,” stated Deb Newell.

Plus, the most effective way to demonstrate Property Meld is to show them how it will make their lives easier and make them more money. Even if they are a great vendor, it’s all about the education.

With a dedicated maintenance solution, you can track your technicians and every maintenance request. It’s a quick view of what’s going on in the process, from direct communication history to tracking the request progress.

In reality, if you require a specialized vendor for a particular job, why wouldn’t you have specialized software dedicated to maintenance? Invest in a dedicated web-based solution for your maintenance process — it will matter to your business and your bottom line.

Learn how Property Meld can help with optimal oversight and efficiency by requesting a demo.


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