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A Year in Review and Our Solution Resolutions

We’re breaking out in celebration as we look at the past year in review and evaluate the success, growth, and learning opportunities of 2021. At Property Meld, we take the time at the end of every year to celebrate our wins and focus on future ways to improve our smart maintenance solution — not only for our customers but also for property management companies across the nation.

We love not only data but helping our customers overcome maintenance obstacles that many choose to deal with every day. Join us as we take a look back on what we’ve accomplished in the past year and what you can expect Property Meld to provide in the year 2022.

A Quick Glance at 2021

We continue to push our team to produce the best product for our customers and be industry leaders in maintenance through data and research. In the past year, Property Meld launched these top features:

  • Owner Hub: Offering the right amount of transparency for property owners, this hub helps build trust between property management companies and their owners. It’s easy to manage notifications, too!
  • Projects: Turning over rental units is inevitable in property management, but we make it sustainable with our Projects feature. We provide an opportunity for businesses to ditch make-ready boards and spreadsheets to track turnovers with a digital dashboard. It’s music to your ears!
  • Data Collection API: Allowing property management companies to collect data from Property Meld, including deep insights into operational performance.
  • Dashboard Metrics: We gave a new meaning for optimized maintenance oversight. As a Property Meld customer, our dashboard provides metrics that are key to the success of your property maintenance process.

We like to go big when it comes to entertainment and knowledge opportunities. This past year, we’ve created some memorable moments:

  • Broke Ground on Our New Headquarters: We’re growing, growing, and still growing! We broke ground for our new headquarters on April 22 in Rapid City, SD. We’ll start the New Year off in our new home next month!
  • Unexpected Visitors: At Property Meld, we continue to make waves in the community by creating more jobs and standing out on the industry map. Politicians Governor Kristi Noem and Senator John Thune, stopped by our office on separate occasions. In which case, they both took a spin on our famous Meld scooters.
  • Launched Beyond Maintenance Webinar Series: As one of the best property management software companies in property maintenance, it brings the responsibility to put forth industry knowledge to the game. We live and breathe property maintenance, so we hand-select industry leaders to join us monthly on the hottest topics in our Beyond Maintenance Webinar & Knowledge Series. It’s always open to anyone wanting to learn more about maintenance from the experts!
  • Our First-Ever User Summit: We held our first-ever User Summit on November 3. We had the opportunity to connect with every customer who made the trek to good ol’ South Dakota. We’ll be planning our next one at the beginning of 2022.

Our 2022 Solution Resolutions

We wrap up the year with substantial product improvements and memories of some of our biggest milestones. While we tip our hats off to the team and our customers, we are looking forward to what’s to come in the new year.

There’s never been a better time to be a Property Meld customer than the year 2022. Without giving you all the nitty-gritty details into our product board, you can anticipate the following features (and then some!):

  1. Estimate Collection:  Collecting repair estimates is easier than ever. Our Estimates feature will allow you to easily create estimates for one or more vendors from a single maintenance request. Aww, the organization and easy owner approvals…
  2. Workflow Automation: Imagine giving property managers the ability to automate snippets of their maintenance process. Like enrolling a Meld into a troubleshooting workflow! Dreams will be coming true in this feature…
  3. Preventive Maintenance Program: Do you know the difference between preventive vs predictive maintenance? Within our system, you’ll be able to create attractive preventive maintenance offerings for your property owners — helping them save money during busy seasons with routine maintenance.

Next year will be filled with highly anticipated events and opportunities that property management companies around the nation won’t want to miss. You can expect:

  • Our Ribbon Cutting of Our New Headquarters: Our new headquarters will officially open its door in Rapid City! Hosting a grand community and Facebook LIVE event will be a must.
  • Beyond Maintenance Continues: As the new year begins, our webinar and knowledge series will continue every month. Be sure to sign up for free to stay on our mailing list for upcoming webinars and topics.
  • 2nd Annual User Summit: It’s nearly on the books and we can’t wait to invite all of our customers back to the Black Hills. Stay tuned for 2022’s date and location.

As you can imagine, we’ve had a wonderful year at Property Meld. We’ve grown, improved, and changed the game in property maintenance. And we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers who believe in our web-based maintenance solution.

Not a customer? Arrange a customized demo to be a part of the most advanced maintenance solution in North America.

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