Atrium Property Management

Atrium Property Management

Customer Since 2018

Atrium Property Management primarily focuses on managing single-family and multi-family properties in Florida metro areas. In late 2014, Atrium was purchased by Adam Wonus and Michael Krause and has since grown the company from 200 doors to over 4,000 doors leased and managed.


Atrium takes pride in a small-team approach to property management, allowing them to maintain a customer care focus as they continue to expand.

Atrium’s mission is to use a combination of innovative technology and world-class personalized service to improve their bottom line performance for their clients and future residents.
With an easy renting process, they can exceed clients’ expectations and raise the bar in the industry.

Accounting System
Door Count

The Problem

Originally, Atrium was experiencing issues with their property management system — the maintenance tool and tracking maintenance tickets were inefficient. They lacked the capability of following up on the work order to ensure it was completed, communication between vendors and residents was nonexistent. And it showed in their customer service ratings.

Their process continued until they visited with Dodson Property Management, an existing user, who recommended Property Meld to assist in their inefficiencies and backlog issues.

Finding a solution to focus on the customer experience was crucial. Atrium Property Management investigated Property Meld and discovered an opportunity to enhance their service and relationships with their residents and owners.

Enter Property Meld

By intelligently improving oversight and efficiency, response time is down and the team has the time to focus on owner relationships. Additionally, owners are confident that their properties are being taken care of while repairs are completed at the lowest possible cost.

To solidify their success, they track their KPI’s with Property Meld’s dashboard metrics to keep a pulse on work orders pending assignment and overdue. This gives Atrium a clear picture of their maintenance pipeline. Plus, it provides oversight of each and every portfolio within their company.

After implementing Property Meld, Atrium saved time and salaries of adding new employees. Built on word of mouth, they increased their customer experience while expanding their business tenfold.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

Increase in Door Size

Since implementation in 2018, Atrium expanded its door count size by 1900%!

Owners Stay Longer at Atrium

Now, the average length of owners Atrium retains is 3+ years. This directly correlates with an increased resident satisfaction at 84%.

“I love the communication between vendors and property managers. One beautiful thing is to be able to message back and forth instantly. Plus, it’s nice to communicate with the residents to streamline the process."

Mark Holton, Atrium Vendor