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The Problem

Before Property Meld, Sullivan received work orders via email in a PDF attachment.

“These commercial property management companies coordinate the work with the business and act as a middle person when scheduling a job,” said Sullivan.

Creating invoices was another mundane task. Other software programs would require Sullivan to transcribe work order information from the email PDF files received from the property management company.

The process decreased his team’s productivity by requiring authorizing paperwork, taking before and after pictures of the maintenance repair, and creating invoices.

“This made for a cumbersome process. However, through Property Meld, I can upload everything and communicate and supply invoices to the company.”


Enter Property Meld

Property Meld saves Sullivan time due to the ease of scheduling and the availability calendar.

“I find the ease of scheduling and communication with the resident to be one of the biggest benefits. The property managers can see when the job is scheduled and the correspondence between me and their residents.”

Plus, Sullivan enjoys the streamlined invoicing process. With Property Meld, the software automatically adds job site information to the finished invoice when he completes a job.

“When talking with friends I compare this software to Uber for contractors…I receive a text message with the information on the work order, address, work requested, etc. – then can accept or decline the work, and set times that I’m available to do the work,” – Jeffrey Sullivan


+71% Increase in Speed of Repair

In 2021 alone, Sullivan Handyman Services saw a 71% increase in speed of repair.

1 Day Increase in Average Days to Repair Completion

Sullivan saw a 33% decrease in the number of days it takes to complete a job.

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