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The Problem

Before Property Meld, Smith performed handyman work for real estate agents and their clients’ homes. The real estate agents often performed middleman work, connecting with their clients to schedule repairs and sending the information along to Smith. This would prolong the scheduling process for the repair, and the repair context was not always clear.

“When there was a repair request, the realtor would call and explain the issue. I’d waste time by driving out 30 – 40 minutes and finding out the issue is unrelated to what I thought it was going to be,” says Smith.

Another challenge Smith encountered was tracking orders of supplies.

“Before Property Meld, I would go to the hardware store to buy supplies for four or five projects. I had to go through emails and it was difficult to keep track of supplies,” says Smith.

But, the frustration didn’t end there. After Smith completed a repair, he would have to go home and manually create an invoice, typically taking him 30 minutes to complete.

Enter Property Meld

Smith started using Property Meld when he started working with Robert C. Smith & Company, a property management company that uses Property Meld for its maintenance process.

As a result, Smith noticed a significant change in operating his handyman services, from scheduling to invoicing.

“It’s rare that I reject a Meld (maintenance request). With Property Meld, I understand the scope of work. My client gives me a 4 to 6-hour time frame to schedule repairs, which is great,” says Smith.

Smith appreciates the photo-sharing feature to understand the repair request. This helps Smith acknowledge the appropriate supplies to purchase before arriving at the job site.

Trips to the hardware store are a lot easier for Smith. Rather than searching emails and notes to purchase supplies for multiple projects, he can log into his Property Meld account and see what he needs.

“After I finish a repair, I can sit in my car in the driveway for five minutes to complete an invoice using Property Meld’s invoice template. It’s simple. I just put in my material and hourly rate,” says Smith.

+150% Increase in Speed of Repair

In just one month of using Property Meld, Silk City Handyman experienced a 150% increase in speed of repair. It would take approximately one week to complete one work order. Today, he is completing 2-5 work orders per week.

+50% Decrease in Average days to complete a work order

The first month of using Property Meld took an average of 5 days to complete a work order. Today, Silk City Handyman completes work orders in 2 days or less.

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