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Property Meld & Marketing: The Powerful Combo Every Property Manager Must Have

Maintenance coordination while managing properties is hard enough, as is the plethora of tasks it takes to do it correctly. One of the most common questions that property managers encounter is “Why should I find a solution to ensure it is the most optimized part of the process? The answer is because it is what will maximize your ROI as quickly as possible. 

With managing work orders and keeping maintenance costs low being a big part of that (and a big time consumer), it’s super important to have property management software, or more specifically, a property maintenance software or system that will make things run smoothly and take up less of your time. Not to mention save headaches and misunderstandings between all involved.

You (the property manager) have higher-level things to worry about, like marketing your property management business and taking on more properties to manage.

When it comes to the property management maintenance side of things, accepting resident work orders, approving repairs with the property owner, assigning them to the right vendor or technician, and then finding a time that works for both the resident and the vendor to perform the work, there is obviously a lot that can go wrong or get mixed up and leave one or more parties involved frustrated.

Life can and should be easier for you by taking advantage of great property management technology and property management work order software that exists to streamline this whole process. Such as Property Meld, one of the best property management tools for property management companies.

Let’s get into the details about how a system like this works and how it can make your work order management much smoother, even on auto-pilot.


Understanding Property Meld 

Property Meld is an industry leader in property maintenance software that streamlines this entire process and is a system that takes care of most of the heavy lifting for you on autopilot.

Imagine this: 

  • A resident work order gets submitted and selects a preferred repair time;
  • Based on a PMC’s operations, an  owner of the property can automatically be notified of what is being requested for a quick approval;
  • The correct vendor or internal technician can be assigned  automatically, being notified of the situation and details of the work order; 
  • The resident and vendor easily link up at a time they each selected that works for both of them, and the work order gets completed.
  • All while you, as the property manager, views the process and engagement of the entire repair if needed

What a breeze… That’s Property Meld!

This complete systemization and automation of property management work orders allows you to free up your time and focus on more important things like rental turnover, portfolio growth, and marketing your business. 

As an example, let’s discuss two segments that can take up a lot more time than necessary. One is make ready maintenance. It is when you need to turn over a unit when a resident moves out and it usually takes 7-10 days. On the other hand, you have preventive maintenance that helps you prevent expensive repairs down the road due to regular inspections. And, it is recommended that you go through the property management preventive maintenance checklist, every 10 days. 

With Property Meld, this time can be shortened thanks to informed decisions and prompt reactions. These property maintenance services are a useful way to keep resident satisfaction levels high. 

The Marketing Advantage: More Time to Grow Your Business With the Right SEO and Marketing Strategies

Property maintenance software will significantly free up your time to focus on other aspects of your property management business. It is challenging to ensure you are doing something differently than your competitors to stand out and keep residents satisfied while the property owner gets their steady monthly income. Regarding marketing, property managers have several challenges to overcome. 

In my experience as an SEO Specialist in the niche of marketing for property management companies, I’ve noticed that it is detrimental to you (the property management business owner) when your marketing efforts are not properly focused, and your online exposure is not optimized. 

Some of the most common marketing issues that hold property managers back from getting more property owner clients are:

Unoptimized website

The website may need to be set up more effectively to attract potential property owner clients. This means there is a lack of property owner focused optimization, and the website doesn’t have the right content and keywords that potential clients are using to search for property managers, such as “property management company in Seattle, WA.” It is crucial to add these specific keywords correctly into your website content and various parts of the website, including:

  • Site title
  • Page Title
  • Meta description
  • H1-H6 Heading Tags

Other website issues related to not converting traffic into leads

  • Not looking fresh, modern, or impressive
  • Not providing enough of the correct information about the company and their efforts towards property management maintenance services
  • Not answering common property management questions
  • Not building trust by highlighting the legitimacy of your company
  • There is no “local area touch” or feel to the website
  • Improper placement and use of buttons, lead generation forms, company phone numbers, and contact info.

Local Google listing lacking optimization and attention:

  • Improper service categories
  • Service areas incorrectly set up
  • Company namespace not properly utilized
  • Lack of unique specific images
  • Not filled out entirely with details and services
  • Poor reviews and lack of reviews hurting trust in your business
  • Lack of additional business listings/consistency of listing info on other sites

Google’s algorithm doesn’t see you as a trustworthy company:

  • Other authority websites do not mention your company and site
  • Local sites in your area do not mention your company and site
  • Other real estate-related sites do not mention your company and site

Obviously, this list is a lot to bite into at once, and some of these things are harder to do by yourself than others.

However, by following this list correctly, you can significantly improve your online visibility and increase your chances of being found by property owners and investors in your area who are searching for a property manager. Ultimately, this will result in more leads and growth for your business, in addition to solving for the obstacles you may in in maintenance.

Below are a few real-world examples of property management companies that have implemented these property management marketing tactics with the help of the SEO marketing team I manage at Goodjuju.

  • Goodjuju helped Seattle Rental Management in Seattle, WA, with the above-mentioned marketing strategies to increase their position on Google from #83 to #2 on Google for “Seattle property management” searches – their leads have since increased by 462%.
  • With the SEO strategies mentioned above, Goodjuju helped Iron Horse Property Management in Athens, GA, going from #6 to #2 on Google for “property management Athens GA” searches. Their leads have increased by 117%.

We at Goodjuju Marketing work with over 80 property managers across the US on a monthly basis to improve all of these things and help them grow.

The Power of the Combo: Marketing & Property Meld

Success stories 

  • Since implementing Property Meld, Real Property Management of the Triad has received more detailed information on work orders from residents upfront, allowing them to fix maintenance issues quicker. In less than 8 months, the average repair speed for incoming work orders has improved by an average of 4.46 days.
  • Property Meld helped Robert C. White and Company improve maintenance repair speeds and oversight of their maintenance process. Vendors working with Robert C. White and Company experienced a 41% decrease in the number of days it takes to complete a job.


“I would say we have saved at least 50% of the total time across all of the people that have anything to do with managing work orders and invoices.”

 – Jim Elliott, Century 21 Queenswood


“The great thing about Meld is the communication factor. It is being able to chat and email at the same time. It saves us a ton of time, not having to use other third-party sources to have those communications.”

– Angie Crego-Hanson, HomeRiver Group


The Effect of Property Meld on Marketing for Making Informed Decisions

So far, we’ve seen the significant impact of one of the best property management maintenance tools, along with its wide range of services, in simplifying the property management process, especially when it comes to residential maintenance services.

The three essential benefits are streamlined maintenance operations, improved communication and efficiency, and improved decision-marking with maintenance alalytics. With Property Meld as one of property management’s most preferring maintenance tracking software, property managers can gather insights that will significantly boost the success of your resident related marketing strategy, in other words, resident satisfaction. When it comes to its effect on your internal efforts, it is all about making informed decisions. 

Namely, when Property Meld helps property management companies streamline maintenance operations and automates the processes from work order submission to completion, the extra time saved allows property managers to focus on growing their businesses. How?

Property managers can use the information generated by Property Meld to identify trends, preferences, and pain points among residents and use that info to tailor the marketing campaigns to target specific demographics and address critical concerns. 

Moreover, Property Meld helps property managers keep residents satisfied and the maintenance process streamlined, and it leverages that power to capitalize on these benefits by using them as marketing assets (happier residents = better online reviews and reputation just for starters).

Thus, property managers can differentiate themselves from competitors and target prospective clients. It is safe to say that by using Property Meld, property managers can effectively communicate their value proposition and drive business growth.


Why Every Property Manager Should Utilize Property Meld

Property Meld is a tool that property managers can take advantage of. It automatically handles maintenance tasks, saves time, and reduces human mistakes, ensuring issues are promptly resolved and all operations run smoothly. The best part is that it centralizes the communication between residents and property managers and fosters teamwork while managing tasks easier. The datas tool also helps property managers make informed decisions, effectively leverage resources, and maximize their property value. 

Today, the market is saturated and extra competitive. Every advantage must be used to stand out and attract prospective property owner clients. Property Meld gives you that advantage by two main things:

  • It optimizes maintenance operations
  • It helps execute targeted marketing campaigns by using informed data

Property managers can identify unique selling points with the data collected from Property Meld, understand what residents prefer, and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

Here is a real-life scenario:

A company that uses Property Meld has gathered company data that refers to a consistent pattern: residents consistently praise the quick response to maintenance issues. This is recognized as a unique advantage, and the property manager decides to use it and adjust the marketing strategy accordingly. 

So, what they do next is start showcasing the fast maintenance response times in their advertisements, in the copy on their website, and in social media posts, as well as emphasize the dedication to resident satisfaction and top-notch service. As a result, more prospective residents are attracted to the company’s offer and reputation, leading to increased inquiries. 

That said, we can conclude that Property Meld helps property managers stand out, communicate their strengths, and grow their businesses. 

If you want to boost your property management game, reach out today. With its user-friendly features that streamline operations and improve decision-making, Property Meld empowers managers to thrive in a competitive industry. 


To sum up, Property Meld is an excellent property management tool that apart from helping property managers run a smooth operation in terms of responding to maintenance work orders, is also valuable for improving marketing efforts. It gives insights into what residents like and how efficiently operations run, thus helping property managers shape their marketing strategies effectively. 

It is one of the best property management software tools that enables managers to highlight what makes their properties special, understand resident preferences better, and ultimately attract more clients. In a competitive market, Property Meld is a must-have for property managers who want to boost their marketing and grow their business.


Author Bio

Landon Murie is the founder and CEO of Goodjuju Marketing, specializing in SEO and marketing strategies for property management companies. Since 2018 he has been continuously improving the online visibility of Goodjuju’s clients ensuring they keep on winning.