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The Problem

Century 21 Queenswood faced substantial inefficiencies in their maintenance process which led them to look for a solution.

“There were substantial inefficiencies in work order assignments, recurring tasks, invoice receiving and matching, and scheduling work with residents,” said Jim Elliott, Maintenance Manager.

Before Property Meld, the team had to manually input maintenance data into their PMS software originated from Word documents. This led to the team spending too much time on redundant tasks and resolving human error in reporting. In addition, the invoicing process with vendors was cumbersome and involved many manual steps.

“We would send them a Buildium task and then had to completely redo the work to send them a Buildium work order. Then the vendor would email us a lot of random invoices, which we would have to find and attach to the correct work order,” said Kayla Smith, Accounts Payable and Project Manager.

Enter Property Meld

When Century 21 Queenswood discovered Property Meld, they were intrigued by the integration partnership with Buildium. The ability to remove manual entries and automatically sync all work order data into Buildium was a huge time saver for the team.

“I would say we have saved at least 50% of the total time across all of the people that have anything to do with managing work orders and invoices,” said Elliott.

One of the biggest time-saving opportunities for the team at Century 21 Queenswood is the ability to auto-assign basic plumbing jobs to the correct vendor using Property Meld Workflows.

“The plumbers are happy because they get so much work, and the residents are happy because their work order gets assigned instantly,” said Smith.

In addition to reducing manual tasks and creating a more efficient workflow, Property Meld has also helped Century 21 Queenswood improve communication, leading to happier residents.

“The chat immediately communicates to the resident and the vendor about how to access the building, who are the site contacts, and where the keys are. This saves us from having to remember and know these things and type these messages by hand every time,” said Elliott.

This improved communication has significantly increased the 5-star Google reviews Century 21 Queenswood receives from its residents.

“Most of our Melds get a 5-star rating, and one in ten of those ratings become a Google review. We have almost doubled our total number of 5-star Google reviews in the two months we have had Property Meld,” said Smith.

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