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The Problem

Following the tornado, Copper Key Realty’s properties had significant damage. Many residents were rehomed and there was a substantial increase in work requests.

“We have also been dealing with a lot of turnover from the tornado. People’s homes were destroyed, and they had to be rehomed into available properties,” said Shannon Hazlett, Maintenance Coordinator.

Immediately following the tornado, the area was hit by a cold front, causing another spike in maintenance requests.

“We usually get about 3-4 work orders a day. But now, with the weather and the tornado damage, we get around 15-20 work orders a day,” said Hazlett.

The team jumped into action to keep residents comfortable and happy and ensure maintenance issues were addressed quickly. Property Meld played a significant role in keeping them organized and efficient.

“It’s (Property Meld) helping me find out where my strengths and weaknesses are,” said Hazlett.

Enter Property Meld

The ability to create customized tags and filters for storm damage and weather-related issues helped the team at Copper Key Realty stay organized and prioritize maintenance tasks.

“Tags have been my best friend. I’ve created a filter that is specific to me because I am the one handling it, and it is for all work orders related to the storm damage from the tornado,” said Hazlett

With the help of Property Meld, Copper Key Realty can successfully keep up with all open work orders.

“Right now, we have over 500 work orders open, but only 21 are unassigned because we are waiting on some things,” Hazlett mentioned.

In preparation for the cold weather, Copper Key Realty sent out a letter to all their residents with instructions to prepare for the inclement weather. This helps them avoid some issues caused by the cold temperatures. They also prioritize keeping residents in the loop to ensure they are aware of any delays and know the status of their maintenance requests.

“The biggest thing is just communicating with residents, or they will just continue calling and putting in multiple work orders for the same issue,” said Hazlett.

One of the biggest time savers for the team at Copper Key Realty is the ability to create automated Workflows. Since most work orders from inclement weather are HVAC-related, they created a Workflow to expedite HVAC issues by auto-assigning them to the correct vendor.

“We have a lot of HVAC issues with the weather, so we are making a workflow for those. Four HVAC issues came in today that were automatically tagged and sent to the vendor. That has got to be the biggest time saver,” Hazlett said.

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