Tips To Streamline Your Maintenance Coordination

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your maintenance process moved as smoothly as a conveyor belt 

A work-order request enters on one end and a happy resident exits on the opposite side. The scheduling process occurs without any missteps, owner approvals are requested and accepted immediately, and the property manager has perfect visibility into the entire process—no manual follow-up necessary. 

If it were only that easy, right? Well, we are here to tell you it can be. We know the magic happens in the middle—and that’s where many property managers lose themselves, becoming overwhelmed with phone calls, follow-ups, and spending countless hours chasing down vendors and residents. 

You experience inefficiencies within your maintenance process for several different reasons. You might spend way too much time on the phone coordinating schedules between vendors and residents. You’re forced to manually follow up with unreliable residents and vendors. A lack of transparency and visibility between all parties leads to a big, confusing mess. 

Lastly, somewhere within this process, resident satisfaction takes a back seat. So you bite the bullet and hire another maintenance coordinator to manage the “automated” maintenance features in your accounting program. But it still fails to move the needle. 

Did the vendor or technician reach the resident and schedule a repair? 

When is the repair happening? 

Is it done? 

Was the resident notified of completion? 

Are they satisfied? 

Sound Familiar? Here are some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your current process: 

  • Touch base: Take a few minutes to check-in with your vendor to confirm that they’ve scheduled the repair on the appropriate date. Vendors are human too. It’s in your best interest to verify the appointment before you’re forced to pick up the pieces from an unhappy resident waiting for a repair. 
  • Set reminders: Set yourself a Google Calendar reminder to touch base and follow up with both the resident and the vendor. By strategically following up at a specific time, you’re able to gain some visibility into the repair request. A brief check-in with the resident can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Request confirmation of completion: Too many property managers rely on an invoice to use as verification that a repair has been completed. Ask your vendors to follow up with you once they’ve completed a work order. A verbal confirmation gives you a step up on your peers in the industry. 
  • Follow-up on satisfaction: Once you’ve received verbal confirmation that the repair is completed, you have the green light to vet the resident on the quality of the work. There’s nothing more important than catching complaints early before an unhappy resident can leave you a negative online review. 

But don’t stop here. Property Meld is a smart maintenance hub that can give you a true conveyor belt experience. Our partners experience an average of 60% less time spent on maintenance coordination. You receive a work order request, and our solution goes to work for you.


An intelligent maintenance solution can take your company to the next level.  

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