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3 Ways Software Can Simplify Your Maintenance Process

In the era of technology, software use and digital communication is growing rapidly and becoming the norm in today’s society. The property management industry is no exception. As a property manager, you must evolve and accept that technology continues to transform the world. Many property management companies look to technology to improve their day-to-day operations while maximizing their current staff and optimizing their business strategy without the headache. Below, we share 3 ways that implementing property maintenance software can simplify your maintenance process and rental turnovers.

#1 – Increased Visibility and Oversight in the Maintenance Process

Imagine having a digital dashboard as a property manager where you have complete oversight of your maintenance process on every unit (your maintenance coordinator has access, too!). You can prioritize and monitor maintenance issues as they flow towards completion. With filters and tags, your company can gain powerful insight into maintenance KPI’s and take swift action if anything gets off track. You can also view performance metrics for internal technicians and 3rdparty vendors related to resident satisfaction and speed of repair. Your maintenance coordinator can keep up with the dreadful tasks, so you can focus on making money.

#2 – Streamlined Communication to Simplify The Maintenance Process

Many property businesses stick to phone calls and emails to communicate with their residents (tenants). As a property manager, seamless communication between all key players, including residents, vendors, and owners, is critical. According to Pew Research, 97% of Americans own a mobile device, and about 75% of Americans own a desktop or laptop.* Many Americans depend on technology as a means of communication and information every single day.

With property maintenance software, resident portals offer streamlined communication with the property manager and vendor right from their fingertips. Residents can submit maintenance requests and schedule the repair directly from their mobile devices. With a web-based platform, residents can provide feedback after the repair, resulting in increased resident satisfaction.

#3 – Intelligent Automation

Are you still saying, “there is not enough time in the day”? Intelligent software can help you get back those hours. When you’re scaling your business, you’ll need an advanced process of automating your tasks. When it comes to turnover season, schedule your make-readies can easily within the web-based platform. How about that!?

By implementing software into your property maintenance process, you and your staff will feel the positive effects of increased visibility, streamlined communication, and intelligent automation in your day-to-day operations.

“There is not enough time in the day,” but do you have 15 minutes to explore your options on how to get back wasted time? Let us help you scale your business quickly and learn how an intelligent maintenance software solution can work for you.

*Source: Pew Research

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