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Maximize Your Current Staff with Property Management Maintenance Software

Things are heating up in the housing market. People are talking about it, and it’s not a secret. According to, home sales are going up and mortgage rates are on the move.* But there is another hot topic that we can’t seem to sit back and watch go up in flames. As a business leader, you may be feeling the burn. The nationwide labor shortage is causing a headache for many industries, including property management, as the world reopens post-pandemic.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “The number of workers quitting their jobs reached an all-time high of 2.7%, while layoffs and discharges reached an all-time low of 1%, another indication of the tightness of the labor market.” Can you imagine your most critical internal staff member quitting, especially during rental property turnover season? If this nightmare has been a reality, what are you doing to cover the gaps? The ultimate task of hiring and training new employees (if you even find a qualified applicant in this market!) can be costly and time-consuming. Not to mention, the average salary for a property manager is $101,593, and a maintenance coordinator at $38,538.** But let’s get to the point.

Before you push the dreadful “Now Hiring” post across all social media channels… Imagine maximizing your current staff by streamlining maintenance requests and make-readies through an automated maintenance solution. Tackle the work orders and high rental turnovers with technology!

Benefits of a streamlined property management software

  • Centralized communication for residents (tenants), vendors, and owners for fast repairs without picking up the phone
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of internal staff by up to 60%
  • Accept and assign maintenance requests (we like to call them Melds!) online or from your mobile device
  • Real-time oversight of maintenance coordination, work order progress, budgets, and reporting
  • Projects feature helps vendors keep track of entire projects and stay on budget

Manage More Doors with Property Meld

With Property Meld, our data shows that one coordinator can manage 1,000 doors or more by themselves compared to 350-450 doors without it. Are you ready to learn how intelligent property maintenance software can help you take control of your maintenance process while maximizing your current staff?

Request a demo with one of our maintenance-obsessed representatives and let us show you how our software solution can change your property maintenance game.

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**Source = Based on the United States average on

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