Make-Ready Turnover Checklists, Spreadsheets and Software

Make your make ready process less complicated with our tips and bonus turnover checklist! 

Ultimate Make-Ready tips and Turnover Checklist for Property Managers

‘Tis the season for residents moving out and moving on from one of your many unit rentals. Cue the make-ready boards and manual checklists to oversee all the moving parts. The stress is on, and you risk tasks falling through the cracks. The result? Missed deadlines, unhappy owners and investors, and the risk of poor reviews.

We’ve heard it all before, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We want to make this a little less stressful for you — that’s why we created three opportunities for you to streamline your turnover process. So, find the make-ready checklist template that works best for you.

1. Extensive Printable Turnover Checklist

Your free, printable, make-ready turnover checklist helps you manually keep track of the maintenance tasks to complete before your next resident moves in. Get to printing!

Download Your Make-Ready Turnover Checklist

2. Digital Unit Turnover Spreadsheet

Are you more comfortable with spreadsheets? Stocking up on printer paper is so 1990 and digital files are your thing anyway. This make-ready checklist excel spreadsheet will give you a simple starting point for collecting project information.

Download Your Make-Ready Turnover Excel Spreadsheet

3. Web-based Turnover Software Solution

Are you ready for something better than a checklist or spreadsheet? It’s time to finally ditch the make-ready boards, save paper, and dump the spreadsheets.

An efficient turnover time for each unit while minimizing costs may seem unrealistic when you’re managing an extensive portfolio of units. In addition to intelligent maintenance coordination, you can shift your turnover process into a web-based solution and place your company ahead of the market.

But what if you are already using property management software? Project transparency can be difficult without highly specialized features within these platforms. At Property Meld, our dedicated Projects feature will help you save time and optimize your make-readies:

  • Improve Efficiency

Easily coordinate maintenance responsibilities among your internal staff and assign vendors to work orders that need attention. You get a work order, and you get a work order!

  • Improve Oversight

Get insights into top-of-the-line reporting and gain transparency into your maintenance process. You can easily track each maintenance task from work order submission to completion.

  • Real-Time Communication

Review real-time communication between your internal staff and vendors to ensure repairs and turnover requests are completed promptly. Keep each staff member and vendor accountable for their work order.

A make ready board template only solves a portion of the issue. Are you interested in taking the guesswork out of your turnover process and automating your work orders with a web-based platform? It takes a team to tackle turns, and our software can help! Request a demo and one of our maintenance rockstars will arrange a customized demonstration of Property Meld. See how we can help maximize efficiency and decrease the cost of turns.

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