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Before Property Meld, Excalibur’s maintenance coordinators were assigned specific work categories. For example, a plumbing maintenance coordinator would handle plumbing issues and schedule work with plumbing vendors. While this method helped develop subject matter experts, it also had some significant drawbacks. A property manager had to coordinate with numerous maintenance coordinators to schedule work if a property had more than one issue. Property Meld’s ability to categorize by property groups helped structure the work and break up teams in a better way. However, they needed more visibility into specific insights with their new structure. Enter the powerful capabilities of Property Meld Insights.

Enter Property Meld

Separating work by property groups allows Excalibur to have one maintenance coordinator care for an entire property, allowing for more communication visibility.

“If one person handles the property management and one person handles the maintenance, it (Property Meld) allows everybody invested in that property to get a 360 view of what is going on, “ said Josh Harrison, Maintenance Coordinator of Excalibur Homes.

In addition to structuring their organization differently, Property Meld’s full integration with Rent Manager allows each department to work in their individual realm while providing property managers with all the information they need in one platform.
“When we can consolidate everything in the maintenance world in Property Meld and that directly links back to Rent Manager, it allows our property managers to build their solar system around Rent Manager… so they don’t have to check in every single supporting software the company uses. We can use the software that makes us better and do that in Meld. Still, without that integration, it wouldn’t help the property manager, “ said Harrison.

As leaders in the industry, Excalibur Homes is constantly searching for ways to improve their processes, which is why they were eager to be one of the first to utilize Property Meld’s new Insights tool.

“The linchpin of any organization is proving that you’re effective and efficient at what you do. The more data you can gather and represent in a way that tells a story that is data-driven instead of anecdotal, helps you do that, “ said Harrison

With the new Insights tool, Excalibur Homes is able to track essential metrics to determine the health of their maintenance process. Tracking technician utilization rate, average speed of repair, and their maintenance spend per unit helps them keep a close eye on how they are performing and make adjustments where needed. The blend of Meld’s Insights and Meld Workflows helps them add automation to parts of their process that are bottlenecked.

“It has allowed us to really evaluate everything we do and dig into how Meld can help us do it faster and more efficiently,” added Harrison.

Insights is crucial to creating a leading maintenance team. With accurate, real-time data, it is easier to identify success in your process and, more importantly, identify inefficiencies that need to be addressed. Without visibility, maintenance teams are left guessing why their process is ineffective. One of the ways Excalibur Homes utilizes Insights is to track the health of individual vendors and separate them into tiers based on their speed, price, and customer reviews. This way, they can prioritize working with vendors in their top tier and use the data to encourage vendors in lower tiers to increase their productivity.

“Our approach is already night and day better because it’s based on reality instead of an assumption,” Harrison shared.

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