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The Problem

After the release of Property Meld’s task automation tool, Workflows, McKenna Property management discovered there was a benefit in investing more into Property Meld — which meant other expenses would need to be adjusted or cut. Ultimately, McKenna Property Management removed their existing call center and refocused that spend on an after-hours and emergency repair hotline only. Before, they were paying a full-time employee to field all after-hour calls, which was expensive and led to employee burnout.

“It wasn’t easily distributed, the process was too complicated to cross train, so it ended up falling on one person, and we were cycling through people so quickly.” – Irelynn Zurflueh, Special Projects

Their next issue was how to marry Property Meld and their new after-hours call center to create a seamless maintenance experience for residents.

Enter Property Meld

The third-party call center utilized by McKenna Property Management only operates after regular business hours and for emergency requests. This hotline has a scripted response created by McKenna to read to residents. The answer asks the resident if they have already submitted a Meld (work order); if they haven’t, they are prompted to do so. If the request is an emergency, the call center passes it along to a property manager so they can expedite the request. In result, the maintenance team at McKenna Property Management receives true emergencies, and maintenance requests are submitted through Property Meld.

“Some people love to call first, so the emergency line will tell them to create a Meld. Those who are more tech-savvy and like to submit the Meld first receive an automated message to call if it is an actual emergency.”- Irelynn Zurflueh, Special Projects

After implementing automated workflows through Property Meld, McKenna Property Management has reduced the number of manual touchpoints their team has in the maintenance process. Every time a Meld is created and assigned to a vendor, the resident receives an automated message with the vendor’s name and contact information. This way, they can directly reach out to the vendor and remove the middleman.

“The amount of clicks has drastically decreased. Before workflows, we would have had to go in and manually assign it to the vendor and copy the message. Now once the vendor is assigned, the message is automatically sent, so nothing is getting missed.” – Irelynn Zurflueh, Special Projects

Combining Property Meld with a third-party call center has allowed McKenna Property Management to reduce manual tasks and make their residents feel taken care of at all times. Since implementing Workflows, they have seen an increase in resident feedback and increased their Google reviews from 3.2 to 4.5 stars.

“Tenant follow-up has really improved. With our old software, there wasn’t a system asking residents how their repair was. The fact that every single tenant has the option to leave feedback allows us to monitor repairs better.”- Irelynn Zurflueh, Special Projects

In addition to improving tenant feedback and online reviews, McKenna Property Management now has a holistic view of the entire maintenance process. Nothing falls through the cracks, and no work orders get lost.

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