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The Problem

Before implementing Property Meld, ML Sullivan lacked a way to monitor resident satisfaction or assess their vendors’ performance to ensure it met their standards. 

“Prior to Meld, we had no clue about our resident satisfaction other than a phone call or a venomous email,” said Sullivan. 

This lack of oversight resulted in residents expressing frustration and increased turnover rates. Realizing a need for a solution, the team at ML Sullivan sought to improve resident satisfaction and reduce turnover. 

“The last thing we can afford in the practice is resident churn. The more you have to turn, the more you spend your time and money on inspections, carpet replacements, painting, and everything else,” said Sullivan.

Enter Property Meld

After adopting Property Meld, ML Sullivan saw an immediate improvement in resident satisfaction. This was partly achieved by  monitoring vendor performance and making staff changes to align with their company values. 

“It’s also allowed us to look at our vendors, and most of them have pretty high scores in terms of satisfaction. That’s because the vendors who were receiving low resident satisfaction scores early on, we parted ways with,” said Sullivan

Resident satisfaction scores soared after parting with vendors who did not provide a positive resident experience. 

In the past 90 days, ML Sullivan has raised their average resident satisfaction score by over 8%, boasting an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars! 

In addition, ML Sullivan is prioritizing residents to submit maintenance requests through Property Meld, recognizing its role in quicker repairs and enhanced oversight. 

“When we move our residents into the property, we have an orientation…There is also a flier that shows them how to communicate through the portal and how to submit repair requests through Property Meld. We try to remind them when you think about maintenance, think Meld,” Sullivan mentioned. 

Implementing Property Meld has allowed ML Sullivan to improve communication, efficiency, and maintenance reporting to ensure resident satisfaction is at the forefront of everything they do. 

“We recognized that we had to stop using 20th-century tools in the 21st century,” Sullivan added.

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