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The Problem

The team at RPM Richmond Metro needed more in-depth data to monitor their various teams. RPM Richmond Metro relies on remote maintenance coordinators, third-party vendors, and in-house technicians. They could not break down performance between their multiple teams.

“We wanted to dig deep and figure out what we were missing. So, the changes that have taken place over the last six months have been monumental. Allowing us to track and assign the proper KPIs to our maintenance team,” said Jay Woodson, General Manager at RPM Richmond Metro.

In addition to team performance, the development of Insights and Insights Pro allowed RPM Richmond Metro to understand better where their numbers were coming from. For example, knowing your resident satisfaction is insufficient; you must understand what is causing that number and where you can improve.

“The best thing about the Insights dashboard is being able to get information on all our techs and vendors and see who is doing a great job and who we need to work with. Before Insights you just had a number, but you didn’t know where it came from,” said Scott Freer, Senior Maintenance Director at RPM Richmond Metro.

Enter Property Meld

Now, with granular metrics, RPM Richmond Metro has been able to separate and analyze performance between its various teams. This has helped them determine who is doing a great job, who may bring in low resident ratings, and why.

“The data tells a story, and the story leads to action. If we aren’t getting the story we can’t take action or make changes,” said Woodson.

One of the main metrics RPM Richmond Metro focuses on is resident satisfaction. They know that a happy resident is more likely to renew their lease which helps increase investor satisfaction.

“If we can keep the resident happy, that snowballs into keeping the owner happy because we aren’t turning the unit over every year. A long-term resident is better for the owners,” Freer mentioned.

This focus on resident reviews has allowed RPM Richmond Metro to increase its average resident satisfaction rating by 11.2% in the last 90 days. They have also improved their Google reviews, boasting 4.7 out of 5 stars.

“We are really big on our Google rating so anytime we get a 5/5 on a Meld we ask them to leave a Google review. The more 5 stars reviews we get on Google prospective owners go and check us out and see we are a reputable company,” said Freer.

In addition to improving resident satisfaction, the ability to see how their different portfolios compare to each other has created a more competitive nature in the office, empowering employees.

I knew how many units our coordinators were managing, but I didn’t know how many messages they were sending and their response times. I knew what they were doing, but this really lets me see how involved they are in each and every Meld,” said Freer.

“It’s super important to our business to be as efficient as we can and if we aren’t tracking the data we can’t find out if something is going well or going poorly,” said Woodson.

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