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The Problem

For years, T.R. Lawing Realty struggled to sift through their vendors’ piecemealed work order and invoicing methods. Far too many work orders and communication details fell through the cracks leading to confusion further down the road. Moving the maintenance process through the pipeline and tracking down invoices were two critical issues T.R. Lawing had to resolve to remain efficient and keep their residents and owners happy.

Enter Property Meld

Property Meld’s software quickly remedied many of the communication inconsistencies that T.R. Lawing Realty was experiencing. Suddenly, invoices were being submitted, and job history was easily trackable via time-stamped documentation on the dashboard. Automation from Property Meld saved T.R. Lawing time and money, so they didn’t have to hire additional employees to facilitate maintenance. Initiating the workflow function of Property Meld kept their maintenance process moving and, in many cases, resolved issues without any effort from T.R. Lawing. In general, residents were happy because maintenance problems were being resolved quickly.

For vendors and technicians who needed help using the software, the savvy (and excited) staff at T.R. Lawing offered *quick* one-on-one training in their office. With hands-on experience, the software didn’t seem nearly as daunting as the vendors initially thought. And, by and large, once the vendors became familiar with Property Meld, they couldn’t imagine working without it! The vendor feedback T.R. Lawing received was overall very positive. The ability to schedule/receive work, document the communication history, diagnose work with pictures and video, and being able to submit invoices, and receive payment faster was an absolute game changer. Vendors prefer Property Meld because it offers a dashboard where previous invoices and job history can quickly and easily be referenced.

T.R. Lawing’s Property Meld implementation story proves the software will drastically clear the lines of communication in the complex maintenance process if the property managers are invested in getting their teams to use the software. Because ultimately, Property Meld will save time, alleviate stress within the management office, and make your residents, vendors, and owners happy.

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