The Data Setting The Elite Apart From the Many 

Insights by Property Meld is a way of doing maintenance differently. Unlike ever before, property managers are making critical changes to their maintenance process based on facts. Data profoundly impacts your ability to optimize your maintenance process, but understanding that data is essential to success.

Without oversight it can be challenging to track down the root cause of maintenance issues, leading to focusing resources on the wrong aspect of the maintenance process. Instead, Property Meld Insights allows you to look at maintenance at a granular level and analyze which part of your process is inefficient—saving you from making assumptions about your process.

“Our approach is already night and day better because it’s based on reality instead of an assumption.”

— Josh Harrison, Maintenance Coordinator, Excalibur Homes

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It’s time to stop making gut decisions. 

Forget the days of making process changes that have no impact on the efficiency of your maintenance team. Let Insights help you improve communication, scheduling efficiency, and the overall productivity of your entire team.


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How is Insights’ Data Better? 

Insights is developed from The Ladder of Maintenance Excellence, which provides the essential steps needed to reach a predictable maintenance NOI. Each step of the Ladder is matched to critical metrics in the Insights dashboard so you can analyze each step of the Ladder at an incredibly granular level. Achieve effective communication, scheduling efficiency, staffing efficiency, and more with visibility like never before.