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Customer Since 2017

HomeRiver Group Boise has been a Property Meld customer since the fall of 2017. Since implementing smart maintenance, they realized the profitability
of streamlined maintenance, the process was key to exceeding their company goals.


HomeRiver Group Boise has been serving Boise since 2005 with the mission to provide aggressive, proactive, and honest property management. They strive to be professional, to communicate well, and to continue educating themselves and their customers. When workarounds became a habit in their maintenance process, they inadvertently embedded inefficiencies as well. HomeRiver Group did not realize that they had become their own worst enemy in their maintenance process. With this realization, they began the hunt for a maintenance solution.

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Boise, Idaho

The Problem

Mac Wrigley, director of the property services group at HomeRiver Group Boise, was charged with creating greater efficiencies to grow revenue and reduce costs. They were experiencing rapid growth and needed a solution that could grow with them. They had found tools to supplement their communication with owners and residents and had a makeshift scheduling process with technicians, vendors, and residents. Their entire process required lots of workarounds like copying and pasting communication from outside the system to capture it for documenting purposes. They needed to do more with fewer people and leveraging a technology solution seemed like the obvious evolution to explore.

Enter Property Meld

Since implementing with Property Meld, their maintenance revenues have increased 30% year over year. They attribute their growth and increase in top-line revenue to Property Meld.

Since implementing Property Meld, HomeRiver Group Boise has better-coordinated maintenance across three markets. Their maintenance process is faster and more efficient. As a direct result of Property Meld, they are managing more work orders per day, allowing each of their techs to generate more daily revenue.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

Myself and my team have not used Propertyware Maintenance, but we were trained on it and we know that Meld provides so much more functionality, especially with resident, vendor, and owner communication.

Angie Crego, Lead Coordinator