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Established in 2016, HomeRiver Group has grown to be the third-largest property management company in the United States, specializing in third-party residential management. Operating in 26 states, HomeRiver Group is focused on acquisition, renovation, leasing, management, maintenance, and brokerage. The company is dedicated to serving owners and residents with innovative strategies and investing in leading technologies.


In 2023, HomeRiver Group entered a three-year strategic partnership with Property Meld, the nation’s leading property maintenance solution. This partnership aligns with HomeRiver Group’s mission of providing NOI improvements to their property owners while also maintaining a leadership position in the industry with innovative processes and superior performance.

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The Problem

Before implementing Property Meld, HomeRiver Group experienced challenges effectively communicating with residents and investors regarding maintenance.

The property management system’s maintenance tool lacked texting functionality, which led to confusion and missed appointments.

“With our PMS System, you can email, but you can’t chat, and as we all know, no one wants to answer the phone. If you get a call from a number you don’t know, you’re not answering,” said Angie Crego-Hanson, Business Analyst.

In addition to communication challenges, the team struggled to implement the same processes across all 40 markets. These different processes made training, streamlining operations, and implementing process improvements difficult.

“Historically, we had people doing things differently; we weren’t standardized. Now all 40 markets are standardized, the triage team can apply the same rules to all markets,” said Crego-Hanson.

Enter Property Meld

Once HomeRiver Group added Property Meld to their tech stack, they saw immediate improvements in communication. Specifically, how quickly they got responses from residents regarding any additional information needed or troubleshooting instructions. Maintenance tracking and visibility was also improved, leading to more time saved.

"The great thing about Meld is the communication factor. It is being able to chat and email at the same time. It saves us a ton of time, not having to use other third-party sources to have those communications," said Crego-Hanson.

Not only does Property Meld help facilitate faster communication, but it has also helped the team keep track of everything and efficiently prioritize maintenance tasks.

"The efficiencies we have gained from using Property Meld.. having it all more visible instead of just a long list of work orders. It allows us to stay on top of maintenance and stay successful. We're better at preventing maintenance catastrophes, and when they do happen, acting quicker upon them," said Crego-Hanson.

Property Meld has also aided HomeRiver Group in its mission to provide its investors superior service.

"Having investors in Meld lets us quickly interact with them to request approvals or keep them up-to-date. It's much quicker than having them go through all their emails. They have a much better view of the maintenance at their properties and the statuses of things," said Crego-Hanson.

In 2024, HomeRiver Group plans to implement enhanced data tracking from Property Meld to all their markets to further showcase their positive impact on investors' net operating income.

"Insights Pro will help us be able to say how much we're profiting off maintenance and how much we are saving our investors with preventative maintenance,” said Crego-Hanson

This partnership has been impactful for HomeRiver Group to further improve the maintenance process for their residents, increase efficiency for their maintenance teams, and enhance investor retention.

  • Faster Maintenance
  • More Efficient
  • More Revenue

"The great thing about Meld is the communication factor. It is being able to chat and email at the same time. It saves us a ton of time, not having to use other third-party sources to have those communications."

Angie Crego-Hanson, Business Analyst