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successful maintenance process

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Maintenance Process

Running a profitable, successful property management business isn’t an easy task. When you analyze your bottom line, is maintenance the most significant challenge? Your traditional maintenance process is “mild” compared to this hot market. The spreadsheets, constant phone calls, and the back and forth scheduling are overwhelming and bland.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Your maintenance process doesn’t have to be this way. Efficient maintenance processes are essential for growth. So we crafted the perfect solution for you and your property management company — and it’s spicy! Caution: You may want to grab a glass of milk.


Maintenance Process Checkpoints

It’s no secret that maintenance repair plays a critical part in your day-to-day as a property manager. If it’s broken, you will need to fix it. Our solution includes a dash of maintenance process checkpoints. Each checkpoint will ensure your speed of repair is completed timely and efficiently. Recall the correlation between maintenance repair speed and resident satisfaction. The satisfaction of your residents will directly reflect your company’s reputation, reduce resident turnover and owner churn. Good thing our secret sauce includes this key ingredient!


Complete Oversight and Efficiency

The base of our secret sauce solution is complete oversight and efficiency over your property maintenance process. With our product, you can view the process from resident submissions to assigning vendors and requesting owner approvals. You will efficiently communicate and coordinate all key players of your maintenance process in one easy-to-use location. (Did we mention Property Meld is web-based?) In this hot market, incorporating a type of maintenance software solution is pivotal for any property management company.


Web-Based Streamlined Communication

Here comes the best part: Property Meld is resident (tenant), vendor, and owner approved. Our intelligent maintenance solution produces exceptional results for our customers! With web-based communication, texts and emails will log, scheduling happens, and magically, repairs are complete.

Plus, our solution increases the speed of repair — 95% of maintenance requests have been assigned to maintenance technicians on the same day of resident submission. Plus, our customers using Property Meld have spent 60% less time coordinating maintenance. Now, that’s spicy!

We want to share our spicy, secret sauce and add a kick to your maintenance process. Learn about our streamlined software solution and request a customized demo.