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Property maintenance innovations

2023 A Year in Review: Innovations and Outcomes in the Property Maintenance Industry

Another year, another year of a shifting rental market. At Property Meld, we are constantly improving to equip property managers across the nation and our customers to with cutting edge property maintenance innovations. We thought 2022 was a fantastic year for innovation, but it’s small potatoes compared to what we’ve accomplished this year.

As we look back on the past year, Property Meld continues to impact the industry — supporting property management companies to achieve a world-class maintenance process.


1. Enhanced Data Awareness

To enable property managers to identify the root cause of process issues, our product team created Insights Overview. Insights Overview allows property managers to identify the root cause of any process issues, making data-driven decisions that save them from making assumptions.

“Our approach to maintenance is already night and day better because it’s based on reality instead of an assumption.” – Josh Harrison, Maintenance Coordinator Excalibur Homes

For the true data junkies out there, we’d like to introduce you to Insights Pro.. Insights Pro allows property managers to monitor their vendor network health with advanced filtering capabilities to track specific work order categories and individual vendor performance. Insights Pro is a valuable asset in optimizing the productivity of internal technicians and facilitates benchmarking of your maintenance data against your competitors to better understand how you stack up in the industry. In fact, many Property Meld customers achieve world-class repair speeds of 1 day or less!


2. Communicating Just Became “Suiter”

Thanks to Property Meld, maintenance communication is easier and faster than ever

Enter AI Communication Suite, a game-changing way to engage with all key players in the process that dismantles communication barriers:

  • Built in translation allows residents and vendors to communicate in their preferred language
  • Messaging assist tools to transform the tone of your messages, ensuring you always sound professional
  • Summarize message threads at the click of a button to quickly summarize for you investors.
  • Addressing communication challenges is the cornerstone of constructing a highly successful maintenance process.

“These AI-enhanced interactions don’t just resolve issues efficiently; they also protect the mental well-being of our customer service teams, ensuring they can perform at their best without feeling overwhelmed or attacked.” – AIM Properties 


3. Hello, Improved Vendor Experience!

Contractors and vendors are frequently on the move, traveling between different job sites or managing multiple projects simultaneously. Mobile access allows them to stay connected to work-order information regardless of location, promoting flexibility and improving overall job management. Our vendor app was created to make the maintenance experience even more accessible for your vendors.

“I find the ease of scheduling and communication with the resident to be one of the biggest benefits. The property managers can see when the job is scheduled and the correspondence between me and their residents.” – Jeffrey Sullivan, Sullivan Handyman Services


4. Customer Onboarding and Training with Property Meld

We crafted a new way of empowering Property Meld users, queue Club Meld and our monthly Meld Academy training webinars for platform advancement, new team members, and vendors alike.

What’s Club Meld? A dedicated customer portal with tutorials, quick help articles, new release notes, upcoming events, and additional training opportunities. Our monthly Meld Academy webinars allow users to advance in Property Meld more effectively.

“We treat them as a part of the family because they are always ready to jump in and help us get the most from our use of the system. Their professional support team is among the best I have experienced during my 30 years in the business.” – Duncan McCulloch, Vice President Property Services HomeRiver Group


5. The Only Industry Conference Dedicated to Improving the Maintenance Process

With over 200 attendees, property management companies nationwide joined us in the Black Hills to grow their industry knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and innovate with the latest maintenance trends and benchmarks. With the Ladder of Maintenance Excellence as the foundation of the event, the MX Summit supports property managers and their staff to create actionable change in their maintenance process. Don’t want to miss out on the Summit for 2024? Register here!


6. Unveiled an Amplified User Interface

As we continue to innovate through customer feedback and technology trends, we have enhanced the User experience within Property Meld. The user experience is now more ergonomic, providing all crucial details at a glance without opening multiple tabs. We have paved the way for Property Meld users to handle maintenance even more easily than before


It has been a huge time saver for us, and helps things flow so much more efficiently…I repeatedly say how much we appreciate how Property Meld listens to their clients' needs.
Tiffany Roscoe
United Properties


Overall, we are so proud of the work we have achieved this year and the fantastic outcomes our customers have seen. In the last 180 days, our platform has completed 1,004,116 service issues, and every second, over $1,000 in maintenance work is completed in Property Meld.

Join our growing list of customers to see why Property Meld is the number one maintenance solution in North America.

If you are a current Meld customer and wish to have more access to these toolings, please reach out to your customer success manager.

For those who aren’t using Property Meld, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with our team of experts to see how we can help you master maintenance in 2024.