Moving maintenance elements in a gift box.

With the holidays fast approaching, many property managers are looking for that perfect gift for their team. The decision is tricky, and the current economy may make the Jelly of the Month Club subscription a front-runner. That’s why we are here to help you step up your game this year with the ultimate holiday gift guide that will have a real impact on your team’s efficiency. 

1: Give the gift of gab

The tension is real, and we are sure you’ve felt it. 99.9% of bad days in 2023 were linked to communication. From translating requests submitted in a foreign language to sifting through emails and hundreds of messages for a simple status update, a powerful communication solution is the gift that keeps giving.   

Lucky for you, Property Meld has just what you are looking for. Powerful communication features, now supercharged with AI, will give your team something to be jolly about.   

2: Think Calling Birds Instead of Calling Residents

Garbage disposal… GFCI… running toilet … if these are triggers in your office, it’s time to shift gears to automation. Because one more unnecessary phone call could result in your coordinators cutting the phone line. 

We got you… our user-configurable workflow automations are guaranteed to reduce unnecessary resident calls and win this holiday season.  


3: Top That Holiday Bonus

Don’t let that holiday bonus land flat this year. Motivating performance with real-time metrics and benchmark-driven targets is the ultimate way to show appreciation this year.   

Trust us, a year-round performance bonus based on personalized metrics will land far better than an $80 net holiday bonus. But be prepared: Property Meld’s Insights Pro is a holiday gift too big to wrap.


4: A Scheduling Assistant that Doesn’t Take Vacation

87% of maintenance coordinators surveyed said they would love a personal scheduling assistant to help streamline the three-way communication between their office, vendors, and residents. The other 13% have just given up.   

Well, look no further because Property Meld takes scheduling challenges head-on. Give the gift of a full-time scheduling assistant nestled inside the industry’s most potent maintenance platform.  

5: More Completed Maintenance Requests

Your team truly wants a solution that increases output and employee morale. Give your team a maintenance solution with a proven track record of improving efficiency.     

An 800-unit company can see a 60% increase in efficiency in less than 30 days. If that isn’t a gift that pays for itself, we don’t know what is.   

Give your team the gift of the number one maintenance solution in North America this holiday season and experience increases in operational efficiency, enhanced communication, a happier workplace, and so much more. We guarantee your maintenance team will enter the new year happier and more efficient armed with a powerful maintenance process.  

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