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Anthony Morris
April 15, 2024
I would like to say thank you to Miss Jackie Shavers she in is the one that introduced me to this great company and she really go above and beyond duty to make tenants and everyone happy convenient One hard working person, Also, Franklin Mays also goes above and beyond the call of duty and to keep everything and everyone in line Someone you can depend on and will get the job done, And also would like to think Shamia and Roshan And all the office hands, and everyone that plays a role in this company, And thank you to the owner Armand keep up the good work and I really appreciate everything, and it’s a blessing to be a part of this team. If you ever need any rental assistance finding a home this is the company Remax Energy Property Management to go to..
Vanessa Rodríguez
April 14, 2024
Best property management !!
Komy Stepanian
April 9, 2024
A dependable and trustworthy company for which to work.
Jermaine Savannah
April 8, 2024
The Fort Collins team does and excellent job with assigning melds. Jeff make sure that we know how to work the melds accurately for scheduling, messages, attaching photos and contacting tenants. Christine, Heather, and Carey have been great with staying on top of melds as well. These guys deserve an every day hero award. They deal with a lot of tenant problems and they stay professional.
Gold leaf tree services
March 19, 2024
This company is great, the system they use is super easy and fast. We can upload pictures and invoices thru the app. Is great we appreciate how easy and fast everything is.
Roman Fedorov
March 18, 2024
Organised and Very easy to use
Richard Kmetz
March 14, 2024
The staff is very professional and friendly!

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Customer testimonials

Why implementing Property Meld will help solve the problem of maintenance service

Scheduling and connecting with all key players in the maintenance process was a nightmare to track at RentWerx. Brad Larsen explains why overcoming the objections of implementing a smart maintenance solution will provide transparency to your customers and increase revenue and renewals in your business.

How to eliminate miscommunication and decrease backlog with Property Meld

Michael Krause of Atrium Property Management understands that the key to growth and success is complete transparency and oversight in the maintenance process. With Property Meld, property management companies can eliminate work order backlog and vendor-to-resident back-and-forth with best-in-class communication and optimal tracking tools.

Why solving maintenance obstacles is a necessity in property management

Deb Newell of Real-Time Consulting Services believes that the fear of the unknown in maintenance keeps many property management companies at bay when finding a solution. With a platform like Property Meld, you can keep track of your technician’s progress and open work orders at a glance.

How we help lessen maintenance headaches, so you can focus on driving revenue

Headquartered out of Irving, TX, Tim Sedgwick of REAL Property Management dives into how Property Meld has helped them focus on what matters most in their franchise system. Streamlining all the key players in the maintenance process with our platform will enhance your service product for the better.

Why our maintenance solution isn’t something you should live without

Efficiency and business development for Revolution Rental Management is key to the success of their property maintenance process. Co-owner, Christine Bennett, explains why having Property Meld is a selling point for their owners for oversight and transparency.

How Property Meld helps businesses manage and expand

Kyle Karker of Real American PM, based out of Dallas, speaks about being able to utilize our web-based solution to manage and expand into the Kansas City, St. Louis, and soon Detroit metro areas.

How our chat history and scheduling features change the maintenance game

As one of the original users of Property Meld, DD Lee, Broker/Owner of Skyline Properties Group speaks about the maintenance obstacles overcome by our best-in-class communication chat and scheduling tools.

How to create fast and positive maintenance experiences

With over 1,000 residential doors, Brian Birdy of PMI Birdy Properties shares how Property Meld brings a faster, positive maintenance experience to his residents, staff, and vendors. Plus, during the COVID crisis, maintenance was maintained with prestige oversight of the entire process, never missing a beat.

Stop playing the middleman with your maintenance

Brian Corbett of Flagship Property Management shares how Property Meld has streamlined communication between residents, owners, and vendors. This communication tool allowed Flagship Property Management to stop acting as the middleman, improving their efficiency and bottom line.

Monitor your process with automated metric tracking

David Kerner with Touch Point Property management discusses how diving into metrics of their maintenance process has helped them improve their speed of repair and create a better maintenance experience for their residents.

A maintenance software your vendors will love

Jennifer Stoops, VP of industry Relations for Pure Property Management shares how implementing Property Meld has improved their time to schedule and made the job easier for their vendors.

Lower maintenance costs to improve owner relationships

Billy Early with Colorado Realty and Property Management shares how Property Meld has helped them lower the costs associated with maintenance by implementing more preventative maintenance practices, improving the trust with property investors.

Develop clean communication channels in your maintenance process

Steven Shannon, owner of Shannon Property Management, shares how Property Meld helped improve communication with all key stakeholders involved in the maintenance process just weeks after implementation.