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What is a Rental Turnover and the 3 Effects of Poor Processes

80% of rental turnover happens in the spring and summer. So, leases will end, residents will move out, and you’ll be facing the financial weight of a costly turnover between $1,000—$2,500 per unit. So tell us, are you prepared to face the stress of the turnover season? If not, you and your staff will be […]

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Make-Ready Turnover Checklists, Spreadsheets and Software

Make your make ready process less complicated with our tips and bonus turnover checklist!  ‘Tis the season for residents moving out and moving on from one of your many unit rentals. Cue the make-ready boards and manual checklists to oversee all the moving parts. The stress is on, and you risk tasks falling through the […]

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Turnover Time: What’s Average?

In evaluating the time it takes to turn a property, there is a wide range of variables that all property management companies juggle. There are some commonalities that come into play when determining the average time for a turn.

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